CirrusPort Cloud Desktops

CirrusPort Cloud Desktops are a flexible solution that provides a virtual desktop that can range from a basic PC to a high performance/high compute workstation.  CirrusPort Cloud Desktops provide a secure solution that is secure, cost effective, fast to deploy, and provides software licensing flexibility.

CirrusPort Cloud Desktops can be implemented for a variety of solutions including:

  • Enable BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Computing
  • Telecommuting or Mobile Workers
  • Hosting of Legacy Applications​
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Accommodate Seasonal/Temporary​ Employees
  • On premise and cloud based

With several different pricing levels CirrusPort Cloud Desktops can be optimized to best suit your specific needs.  From hosting a single application to deploying a company wide BYOD computing strategy CirrusPort can provide a solution that conforms to your needs and not the cloud vendors.